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  • Germany Only german options can be choosen
  • International For all county outside germany
  • No Country selected For every County :D
  • btw. Userdata is Required to get a valid vote!
  • Only votes for Players, Clans, Admins, Players that played active in a League (WPTFCL, NTFCL and V-TFL) in the last 6 months counts

  • -=Clans=-

    National Best Clan:
    International Best Clan:
    No Country selected Sympatical Clan:
    No Country selected Unsympatical Clan:
    No Country selected Fairest Clan:
    No Country selected Unfairest Clan:
    National Best Offense:
    National Best Defense:
    International Best Offense:
    International Best Defense:
    No Country selected Breaktrough Clan:
    National Most missed Clan:
    International Most missed Clan:
    No Country selected Tactical Clan:
    No Country selected Best Clan-HP:
    No Country selected Worst Clan-HP:


    International Best Admin:
    International Worst Admin:


    No Country selected Sympatical Player:
    No Country selected Unsympatical Player:
    No Country selected Best Nick:
    No Country selected Worst Nick:
    No Country selected Strangest Nick:
    No Country selected Greatest Flamer:
    International Greatest Clanhopper:
    International Most active Forenposter:
    International Greatest Forenspammer:
    National Best Player:
    National Best Scout:
    National Best Sniper:
    National Best Soldier:
    National Best Demoman:
    National Best Medic:
    National Best HW-Guy:
    National Best Pyro:
    National Best Spy:
    National Best Engineer:
    National Best Allrounder:
    International Best Player:
    International Best Scout:
    International Best Sniper:
    International Best Soldier:
    International Best Demoman:
    International Best Medic:
    International Best HW-Guy:
    International Best Pyro:
    International Best Spy:
    International Best Engineer:
    International Best Allrounder:


    No Country selected Best Server:
    No Country selected Worst Server:
    No Country selected Best TFC Page:
    No Country selected Best Map:
    No Country selected Worst Map:
    No Country selected Best League:
    International Is ETAC meaningfully?:



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